Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's hard to run in the summer. Any chance I get I just want to enjoy my kids and my surroundings. It has also been mostly hot and humid, with some gorgeously perfect days in between. I'm still trucking away though. Lots of Ben Harper of late, keeping it all as mellow as possible as we head into August. Here are some glimpses of our summer, with a few sunset runs in there for good measure. Tonight I ran sprints at Philips Exeter Academy's track. Good times. Few things feel as good as running as fast as your body and mind permits. Do it while you can, I always say.

                                                                           Stratham Fair
                                                  Stratham Fair (first and last time, I hope!)
                                                   ran by a little concerto at the gazebo midweek
                                               Along my run before the mosquitos ate me whole

                                                 little playground action, which happens daily
                                                spending as many afternoons as possible at the shore
                                       Jeff in Lila at the Adirondacks Musuem
                                     Great week at the cabin, with the lake all to ourselves

                                         Solveig rode her bike every day of summer camp - 1.5 miles each way. I rode  with her....her new goal is to ride to school until Halloween, I hope we can make it. She also got in some great hikes, being active really brings out her strengths.