Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Training

It's definitely hard to ignore the birds chirping and the general sense of rebirth, even when we're still surrounded by so much snow. I know it has to melt at some point, right? It just seems like that will never happen. Regardless, I gotta keep the faith. March in NH is a good time to remember that without faith, we're sort of just going through the motions. As I'm finally getting back to my 20 miles a week I thought I'd get back to posting. The sky was incredibly blue yesterday, so I stopped to snaps some pics. I actually skipped the music for my 6 miles, and worked out some ideas and planning for our summer camping trip out to Sequoia National Park, which I'm beyond stoked about. As I ran along the snow lined trails and roads I mentally packed for my trip: 2 pairs of cutoffs, 7 tee shirts, 1 hoodie/fleece, 2 long button shirts and1 pair of jeans. Meals while gypsy living for 2 weeks? Seed bread with avocado, banana/almond butter/honey wraps, CA grown fresh fruit and veggies, beans and rice, repeat. The one and only thing I can do right is pack light. It's usually just one big Patagonia duffel filled with stuff for Solvieg, Lila and me and we're never at a loss. We'll be out in that general area for a couple of weeks as soon as school lets out. 8 snow days this year, so we're in school seemingly forever....
    Nothing but blue skies 3 miles in

 Last wknd in the Whites, I'm behind Jeff (whose pulling Solvieg) pulling Lila in a pulk. This was a glorious ski for us and a great wknd with friends.
I found some dirt to run along  amidst the leftover snow about mile 5 - it's still hard to come by. I never thought I'd be so excited for dirt. Now, if only the snow would vacate our garden....

Friday, January 30, 2015

There's a lot of snow out there and it's not leaving any time soon. In fact, we got 4 more inches on top of about 30 just today while I ran. I have to admit that running in the snow is just totally exhilerating. Once you abandon the solid workout for sheer living in the moment, it's instant prozac. I probably could've gotten my heart rate up a little more on the spin bike today, but I definitely wouldn't have felt as alive and spirited as I did trekking through inches of snow with my running sneaks. 

 Lugging Lila and her sled up the hill was quite the workout
 My morning run into an Ansel Adams photograph
 Snow up to her armpits
Everything, including the patch of house Jeff couldn't reach with his paintbrush, looks better with snow

Friday, January 23, 2015

Obstacles. They can take any form and come at any time. Family, weather, injury, money.  We can either ignore them, let them get the best of us or do something I've only recently embraced: thank them.
Thank you frozen ice path that interrupted my morning trail run. How still and humbling the woods were as I carefully walked around you. Thank you Lila, for continuing to be my sweetest lunch date even though working evenings so I can stay home with you is often exhausting. Thank you frigid January and the onslaught of new students for reminding me that my mom was always right - wear a hat, be nice to people, work hard - which applies to both fleeting and enduring circumstances. Obstacles or opportunities? It's not how you see them that makes the difference, but how you see yourself.

 Visiting Grandma at the nursing home in lieu of a weekday run
 late lunch date after a day's worth of errands

My trail run becomes an ice run at mile 3

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Started From the Bottom

The best thing you can do to accomplish something is simply tell yourself to do it. It has been weeks since I've felt like running, as the temps and conditions have been brutal, but today I woke up ready to begin again. I've been staying active up on our third floor, where a spin bike awaits. I usually go up there with my coat on and Drake on Pandora, and sweat it out for at least a half hour. But, it's just not the same as running for me. Not even close. So I told myself I would run today and then didn't think about it again until I was actually hitting the pavement. I can talk myself into and out of anything, so now I keep my words minimal, like "hell yes" or "nope".  After dropping Lila off at preschool I finished my coffee and went to it. Yes, it was snowing. Yes, my legs felt like sacs of cement. But, I got 'er done. And, it was kind of a fun 5 miles. Going to just try for 20 miles a week, and a long xcountry ski if possible on the weekends. 
I am loyal to my oversized puffy that I use only for running  (it's stinky)
 Stayed on the road, which looked like this the whole time
Our third floor office/music room/gym with a big pile of layers I've shed while on the bike these last few weeks.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winter running. Except, it's still technically fall. But really, most New Englanders know fall ends Thanksgiving weekend. I'm trying to not join the gym this winter, as it just feels mentally better to run outside. I only have about one free hour 4 mornings a week, but it's always worth it to bundle up and get to it.  Good head time, good time to check in with the last of the migrating birdies, and this week it has been particularly good to listen to the great Charlie Parker among the cold winds and the crisp, peaceful trails.
 My morning run
 little tree trimming dance party
Thanksgiving day sledding

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back at it

  It's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Fall has certainly been magnificent thus far, with lots of hikes, visits from family and more races  - this time for Solveig and Lila. I am eying an xcountry 30K ski race in January, and another marathon in the spring. These last couple of weeks I've just continued biking into school with the girls, and running here and there if the weather permitted. I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to do yoga more regularly - who's with me? I can barely touch my toes.  In the meantime....

 Here we are with Jeff's brother Andy, his wife Julie and my way too cute nephew Soren, who were visiting from Montana last week. I got to take them on a 17 mile back road bike ride around our area, which was just incredibly beautiful - and fun!
 Solveig and Lila getting in on some haywagon action
 We had a little open house trick or treating night, which was fun, Solveig has been Thing One and Lila some sort of princes of her own design....all about the princesses these days.
 Hiking along the trails at Adam's Point in Durham
 Solveig did a one mile trail race, which she rocked. She was with the older kids (mostly 9 year olds) and she came in about 8th out of 20.

 Solveig got to lead her class during the Halloween parade - she had a blast!

 I love how these kids are on $300 mountain bikes and Solveig's on her side of the road princess bike. She still smoked them:) 
The girls did a trick or treat fun run to help raise money for the Rainbow Fund (my most dear local charity) out of Exeter Hospital. This was their 2nd year doing it. Here's Lila, Thing 2.