Thursday, January 15, 2015

Started From the Bottom

The best thing you can do to accomplish something is simply tell yourself to do it. It has been weeks since I've felt like running, as the temps and conditions have been brutal, but today I woke up ready to begin again. I've been staying active up on our third floor, where a spin bike awaits. I usually go up there with my coat on and Drake on Pandora, and sweat it out for at least a half hour. But, it's just not the same as running for me. Not even close. So I told myself I would run today and then didn't think about it again until I was actually hitting the pavement. I can talk myself into and out of anything, so now I keep my words minimal, like "hell yes" or "nope".  After dropping Lila off at preschool I finished my coffee and went to it. Yes, it was snowing. Yes, my legs felt like sacs of cement. But, I got 'er done. And, it was kind of a fun 5 miles. Going to just try for 20 miles a week, and a long xcountry ski if possible on the weekends. 
I am loyal to my oversized puffy that I use only for running  (it's stinky)
 Stayed on the road, which looked like this the whole time
Our third floor office/music room/gym with a big pile of layers I've shed while on the bike these last few weeks.