Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back at it

  It's crazy to think that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Fall has certainly been magnificent thus far, with lots of hikes, visits from family and more races  - this time for Solveig and Lila. I am eying an xcountry 30K ski race in January, and another marathon in the spring. These last couple of weeks I've just continued biking into school with the girls, and running here and there if the weather permitted. I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to do yoga more regularly - who's with me? I can barely touch my toes.  In the meantime....

 Here we are with Jeff's brother Andy, his wife Julie and my way too cute nephew Soren, who were visiting from Montana last week. I got to take them on a 17 mile back road bike ride around our area, which was just incredibly beautiful - and fun!
 Solveig and Lila getting in on some haywagon action
 We had a little open house trick or treating night, which was fun, Solveig has been Thing One and Lila some sort of princes of her own design....all about the princesses these days.
 Hiking along the trails at Adam's Point in Durham
 Solveig did a one mile trail race, which she rocked. She was with the older kids (mostly 9 year olds) and she came in about 8th out of 20.

 Solveig got to lead her class during the Halloween parade - she had a blast!

 I love how these kids are on $300 mountain bikes and Solveig's on her side of the road princess bike. She still smoked them:) 
The girls did a trick or treat fun run to help raise money for the Rainbow Fund (my most dear local charity) out of Exeter Hospital. This was their 2nd year doing it. Here's Lila, Thing 2.