Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The sun was out today, but I felt too tired still from yesterday's run to get out there while Lila was at school this morning. Instead, I did some laundry and house stuff, responded to some work emails and hit the gym for a little bit to lift weights. I have students tonight, but I may squeeze in a treadmill run before bed. I'm a big fan of Sera Pelle, after perusing many of her recipes from an old copy of Food and Wine. I had some potatoes that needed to be used up, and I picked up a half pound of wild salmon at the market next door to my gym. Threw these together while Lila ate her lunch, and they're sitting in the fridge to cook up before I head to work later today. These would be great with the cauliflower recipe in the same spread, but my kids aren't big on cauliflower yet - I'm thinking I'll see if Solveig wants to help me throw this together after school instead, http://virtuallyveganmama.com/2011/09/summer-fest-vegan-broccoli-salad.html . I plan on Sera's lemon/dill spread for the fishcakes and maybe some rice. This is a good easy family dinner in the summertime.  I'll take all the summer I can get today, with a snow/sleet storm heading our way in a couple days. In her Food and Wine layout she makes frost your own vegan chocolate cupcakes which I've made and which are insane....even Jeff was a fan:) Here's a link to the full article and more of her recipes http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/natural-curiosities-at-home