Monday, February 17, 2014

Long run: 13 miles

So today I ran just over 13 miles on the treadmill. It was below 20 degrees outside, with gusty winds and icy roads. I did put my gear on before saying, "um, hell no".   I just don't want to ever say no to a run, so I talked myself into the treadmill. I watched Blue Jasmine on the ipad, which although Cate Blanchett was great in it, I didn't really like. After the movie ended I still had three miles to go and those were probably the three hardest miles I've done in all of my training - a mental challenge like no other. But it's all done and over with, so life is good again. I want nothing more than to drink tea on the couch while the girls play but I have to get dinner made, the kids fed and then off to work in Portsmouth for a couple of hours. One bright spot is that Solveig and I made these over the weekend and they came out great, we made the granola bars, rather than the pumpkin bites. No more heavily processed protein bars for us. I used extra hemp seeds and skipped the protein powder. I also used almond butter rather than the peanut butter. It was nice to have all of these ingredients on hand. Anyway, is it bedtime yet?