Sunday, May 11, 2014

I got in a 16 mile run today - Happy Mother's Day to me. Jeff's flu extended to Lila and Solveig's cold and ear aches, respectively, and I haven't been able to run more than once a week for the last couple of weeks. So today I cramped up at mile 12, which was a buzz kill. I am running in new sneakers - same model but new as of yesterday - so I'm hoping that was part of it. I never get calf cramps and these were awful. I managed to run/walk but mostly run the last 4 miles. Truthfully, I'm not physically ready for next weekend's race but I will do it gladly and plan on the next one in the fall. If I have to walk some I will. If I run 12 minute miles, I will. I'm just happy for this first experience.  One other reason I haven't been able to run is that I started a new teaching gig in Newburyport from 9-11:30, exactly my running time, as Lila gets out of school at 11:30. I still have my SAT students weeknights, but now I also get to help a thirteen year old boy with his course load as he awaits out of district placement. His learning style is similar to Solveig's, so I get a little taste of what not to do. Here's a pic of my fat toes and the girls playing in the yard today -  they were out there from about 10am-3pm! We had a nice low key dinner at Vida Cantina which ended with a perfect Mother's Day Margarita for me.