Monday, May 19, 2014

Well, Sugarloaf came and went last weekend but unfortunately I had to sit this one out.  The week prior  both Solveig and I fell ill, me with pneumonia and Solveig with the flu. Jeff and I were still planning on heading up on Saturday, but then Solveig was having a hard time keeping anything down and her fever was up to 104 so we had to throw in the towel. There's no challenge as great as caring for a sick child.
The bad news for me is that my next marathon is right around the corner and it will be much harder and much hotter ....the flip side is the kids are coming and we will get a little 4 day family vacation out of it. So I'm back pounding the pavement today, and just finished a 6 mile run. Next weekend I get in 17 somehow. Still coughing, but I'm feeling  so much better. Wow, is the pollen thick this year!