Saturday, January 11, 2014

I planned on another short 4 mile run on the treadmill yesterday, but instead I got 4 plus miles in single digit temps with a gusty negative wind chill - insane! Yesterday morning I took the CRV in for an inspection after dropping Lila off at preschool and quickly learned it needed front and back brakes, which would take 4-5 hours. So, I had to walk back to our house, defrost, take out the jogging stroller, blanket and some willpower, then run to pick up Lila from school (1.25 miles), run home with her in the stroller (1.25 miles), eat lunch, clean, etc, then run with Lila again to pick up Solveig from school (1.25 miles), before finally running with both girls in the stroller (about 80 lbs of them!)  from school to mechanic (.75 miles) to pick up the car. Not what I planned on, but at least I got the miles in. The crazy thing is if felt sort of good to be able to tend to some crucial responsibilities via my own two feet. I also enjoyed the hot coca pity at the end of the day - indeed, the sugar thing will be hard! Today, however, I spin indoors and then take a long, hot quads are feeling a bit sore from some of yesterday's hills. Favorite hot chocolate recipe: