Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Single digit temps today, so my short run was on a treadmill.  Running on a treadmill is brutal. Intervals can be entertaining for a bit, but they get old fast. I have mastered the art of watching shows on my Ipad while I run at a slow and steady pace. I'm currently on Season 2 of Scandal - addicting and entertaining, the 42 minutes fly by every time.  I'm also trying to step up my nutrition a bit by cutting out sugar (at least most sugar) and drinking more water. The sugar thing is hard, I won't lie. I just tell myself that I will be a toothless old lady by the time I'm 50 and that usually fights off the craving! I fill my 2 and 1/4 quart pitcher each morning with room temperature water, organic lemons and cucumbers, and vow to drink the entire thing by day's end. So far, so good. Here's a link to what I made last night for dinner, I had a pretty looking eggplant and I was feeling lazy. We try to eat a plant based diet with weekly wild salmon or haddock, and occasional dairy. http://virtuallyveganmama.com/2011/06/baked-eggplant-fries-with-lemon-dill-dipping-sauce.html I had mine over a huge bowl of steamed, lemony kale; Jeff and the girls ate theirs over quinoa pasta with marinara sauce and small green salads. Yum, and easy, all around.  Not sure if I'd add it to the regular rotation though. I used gluten free breadcrumbs and soy free veganaise instead of the yogurt. I also skipped the dipping sauce and made the "fries" a little bigger. I love to cook, whole heartedly. I try to get creative in the kitchen on Sundays, but weeknights are all about nutrition and convenience. With a stocked pantry and fresh, seasonal (when possible) vegetables a healthy dinner can be on the table in a half hour.