Monday, January 6, 2014

First Long Run: 6 miles
Location: country roads, Exeter and Kensington
Weather: steady rain, 40 degrees
There's something about the sound of "2014" that has made my life feel both modern and dated.  We're further into the 21st century and frankly, I'm feeling old. And yet, I'm also sensing that this year will bring some really cool things. Innovative things. Helpful things. Meaningful things and experiences, alone and with others. Most of all, for me, this is a year of no more "I should" or "I want to" but rather "I will", like the many "wills" we aspire to in youth. I decided to run my first marathon and registered for the beautiful Sugarloaf Marathon, way up in the northwestern mountains of Maine. This blog is a way for me to both track and share my training, insight and gratitude. Running is indeed such a solitary sport, yet there's something about the forward movement - be it while negotiating old growth forest trails, back country roads, downtown sidewalks, or beach sand - that makes it also more connected to all living things than anything else I know.  Join me along this path of discovery and inspiration, it will keep me motivated and warm throughout my winter training in chilly New Hampshire. Today was my first official day of training; I squeezed in an hour run while Lila was at school.
Just me and the horses today along Drinkwater Rd, thick fog and steady rain, but a mild, peaceful beginning.