Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Long Run: 8 miles
Location: Hampton Falls
Weather: 30 degrees, clear

I had another day of decent weather conditions for my third long run. It was a little colder than I've been used to, but it wasn't as bad as it could've been. My muscles did feel a little numb by mile 7, truth be told.  My Monday long run fell on Martin Luther King Jr day, so Jeff was home with the girls. I ran later than normal, at about 2:20 pm, as I had a student earlier in the day and a lot of things to attend to around the house.  My body felt great this run, but I went really slow along winding, somewhat hilly country roads.  I've been trying my hand at birding, and spotted some interesting birdies along the way, which of course I couldn't identify in my book once I got home. Not knowing what kinds of birds I saw is both frustrating and liberating. Sometimes I think we spend too much time trying to learn something that isn't as valuable as the lesson of chance itself. For 20 seconds my (uphill) path was peacefully crossed by a florescent spray of wings which enriched my day more than knowing their man-given names would have. (Yes, I'm justifying being a shitty birder who may just be in it for the inevitable trip to Costa Rica) No pictures today, as I was really caught in the run, but I did make these for breakfast as a long weekend treat for the girls, so here's the recipe. These were too chocolatey  - something I usually never complain about - next time maybe half of the chocolate and some strawberries, or strawberries and banannas or just blueberries. I also used a real egg instead of the flax. Otherwise, wow, so yummy and healthy. I used gluten free flour (just grind down raw, soaked almonds). We got 6 inches of snow on Saturday, and are expected to get 6 more tonight - a very long January thus far!